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Haberdasher's Aske's Federation Conference 2021


The Federation Conference is an annual professional learning opportunity for all staff working within Federation schools.

Every member of staff will select from over 70 workshops to create their bespoke programme for the day. These workshops are designed to address individual development needs and the priorities outlined in the Federation Annual Plan. Further information about the sessions, and details on how to select the available workshops will be circulated closer to the conference date. We welcome expressions of interest in facilitating workshops.

The Federation Conference is for all staff teaching in an educational setting and will take place on 1st March 2021.



  • Deepen staff understanding of the shared vision and values of the Federation
  • Ensure that all staff are provided with appropriate, high quality professional learning
  • Provide exposure to relevant scholarship and research; highlighting effective practice
  • Empower colleagues


Creative Teacher Programme (CTP)


Classroom practitioners will become more reflective and creative, gaining a deeper understanding of the pedagogy that ensures a significant impact on relationships with pupils and colleagues.

Participants improve through facilitated practice activities, which serve as structured opportunities to reflect on teaching approaches and their quality of impact.

There will be a focus on:

  • Planning lessons, starter activities and plenary sessions
  • Metacognition and ‘learning’
  • Questioning, assessment and differentiation



This programme, completed over the course of one term, consists of 6 teaching and learning sessions with a series of post session challenges. The sessions are between 2-3 hours and will be run during morning, afternoon  or through twilight sessions. The programme has been redesigned for online, face-to-face or blended facilitation.

Each participant needs the support of a mentor/coach/senior leader at their school. On completion, participants will reflect upon the impact of the programme and the evidence for this with this mentor/coach/senior leader. Participants will also be observed by their Line Manager to assess the impact of the programme on teaching practice.



This programme is open to all teachers across the Federation who want to become more self-regulated and independent thinking professionals.


Further Information

For more information on the application process for the Creative Teacher Programme, please contact the Vice Principal for Teaching or Primary Headteacher.

To book please email enquiries@atlaspartnership.com 

Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)


Classroom practitioners will gain a deeper understanding of the latest innovative pedagogy and develop the mindset, skill and knowledge set to make a significant impact on their pupils and inspire others to become outstanding practitioners within a coaching culture.

Who is it for?

All Teachers

Programme Outcomes

  • The ability to mentor or coach colleagues to improve their practice; recognise, articulate and model best practice; and create and deliver challenging and engaging CPD.

To book please email enquiries@atlaspartnership.com 


Secondary Newly Qualified Teacher Programme


The NQT programme continues to be matched to the Teachers’ Standards and has been revised for 2019-20 so that it is informed by the DfES’s Early Career Framework – the new package of structured training and support for early career teachers being rolled out from 2020. In this way the programme will both support the NQTs in developing the required evidence, knowledge and skills to succeed in their induction year and prepare them for longer term sustained development.

Who is it for?

• Newly qualified teachers needing to complete their induction year.

Programme Outcomes:

• Structured reflect To promote good progress

• Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge

• To manage behaviour effectively

To book please email enquiries@atlaspartnership.com 

Early Career Stage Teacher Programme


This programme is mapped to the proposed Early Career Framework. It provides additional support, exposure to ‘must know’ educational research to further develop practice and continues the development of early career stage teachers via one to one coaching.

Who is it for?

Any recently qualified teacher (e.g. NQT + 1, NQT+ 2) wanting additional development and willing to actively participate in a community of reflective practitioners.

Programme Outcomes:

• Improved pedagogy and quality of student learning experiences

• Improve retention of early years teachers

• Early tracking and support of potential leaders

• Greater understanding of effective practice via a peer network

To book please email enquiries@atlaspartnership.com