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Meet the team


Corrinne Fraser - Mathematics

I have been with Atlas as Deputy Director since April 2018. Before that I had experience working as Mathematics Consultant for Harris Federation. My role at Atlas is to work with leaders to improve mathematics standards across the Haberdashers Aske’s Federation and offer strategic support to mathematics and senior leaders in and beyond Lewisham. I support schools to analyse data, classroom practice and curriculum offer to ascertain strengths and areas for development.  I offer professional development on marking and assessment policy, scheme of work and curriculum design, strategies to improve mathematics outcomes and department leadership. I support teachers with improving teaching and learning, and maximising student potential


Robert Wilne - Mathematics

I have more than 20 years’ experience teaching mathematics in primary and secondary phases: indeed, I have on the same day taught De Moivre’s Theorem to Y13 and number bonds to Y1! As Director for Secondary of the NCETM 2014-16, I had the wonderful opportunity and privilege to co-lead the England-Shanghai Teaching for Mastery teacher exchanges and research projects, and to support Maths Hubs as they started to develop teaching for mastery in their schools. In 2016 I returned to classroom teaching to practice what I’d been preaching, in KS2 and KS3 in particular.

As Deputy Director (Maths) for the Atlas Teaching School Partnership, I co-lead the development of teaching and learning in Mathematics in the secondaries in the Haberdashers' Aske's Federation. I contribute to Atlas’ work in Lewisham by supporting specific schools and also providing a range of subject knowledge and pedagogy practice professional development. In parallel, I have an advisory role with Oxford University Press: I am Series Editor and UK Teaching Consultant for two brand new programmes, one for primary and one for KS3, of materials, resources and CPD. If I have a spare moment, I tweet @atlas_maths


Dr Sam Bowen - Science

Combining the 15 years’ experience of teaching secondary science, with working with the Atlas Teaching School Alliance in my role as Deputy Director, I have been fortunate enough to learn from so many educators in a wide range of schools and sectors.  These experiences have enabled me to lead on a number areas as part of my role as Deputy Director (Science).  The development of teaching and learning of science across the Haberdashers' Aske's Federation has been a pivotal responsibility.  In the role I have in and beyond the Borough of Lewisham, I support specific and schools to analyse data, support in developing outstanding classroom practice and ascertain the strengths and areas of development within their curriculum offer.  In addition, I offer professional development on a range of science specific subjects including KS2 to KS3 transition and developing science leaders.  Another fulfilling part of my position is to oversee a number of trainee teachers across the South East region, as well as offering support to teachers in their first years of teaching. Twitter @DrSBowen

Hannah Obertelli - English

I have been with Atlas as the Deputy Director of English since January 2018. Before that I had experience working as Deputy Lead Consultant for the Harris Federation for 5 years as well as previous experience as a Head of English, Lead teacher and ITT lead. My role at Atlas is to support schools in developing an outstanding English curriculum and ensure all students excel at the study of English. I support schools to deliver excellent results and think deeply about the study of English in their particular context through a bespoke package of services. I offer professional development on a range of subjects including curriculum design, transition and all elements of English pedagogy including reading, writing and oracy. I support teachers through coaching, team teaching and modelled practice to become the best teachers they can be for the students they serve

Phil Bourne - Insights and Analysis

I have been with Atlas as the Director of Insight and Analysis since April 2017. Before that I had experience working several for Multi-Academy Trusts, The Teacher Development Trust, Tribal Group and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. My role at Atlas is to improve how leaders use and engage with data to support both teachers and pupils thrive. I support schools to understand how best to use their existing data and systems to deliver better outcomes. I offer professional development on using and developing systems that support their objectives. I support teachers with self-evaluation, target setting and school improvement solutions. 

Gloria Acquaah-Harrison - Graduate Business and Operations Trainee